Lobby Day 2020

WHEN  Wednesday, February 12th from 7:00am to 9:00am 

WHERE Rotunda, Iowa Capitol Building, Des Moines 

Driving directions can be found at this link: 50319 Zip Code Map | MapQuest and parking information can be found at this link: Capitol Complex Parking Information | DAS-GSE

We will be on the Rotunda again this year. As you enter the Capitol Building you will be on the ground floor.  There is a very wide staircase towards the center of this floor.  Walk up these steps and you will be on the Rotunda level.  


This is ABATE’s lobby day and we encourage you to wear the biker uniform of jeans and leathers.  Business attire is also appropriate, particularly if you have to go to the office after leaving the Capitol.  Whatever you wear, please be respectful.  A DILLIGAF vest patch is fine, but if you have the words spelled out please cover the last word with pins or stickers.  (Did you know DILLIGAF can also stand for Do I Look Like I Give Away Freedoms?)  Upon entering the Capitol you will be going through security including a metal detector.  

REGISTRATION  6:30 – 8:00am

Once you are on the Rotunda level just walk around the circle until you see our tables.  If you preregistered your preprinted badge will be there.  If you did not preregister we ask that you sign in on the sheet and write your name on a blank badge.  We will also have a letter from State Coordinator Dave Duffy and ABATE talking points.  

BREAKFAST SOCIAL  7:00 – 8:45am

ABATE is providing breakfast for our Senators, Representatives and to the attending ABATE members.  This is the food, coffee and juice that are on our tables on the Rotunda. 

This is a good time meet with your legislators and to introduce our talking points.  While you are encouraged to discuss any legislative issues with your Senators and Representatives, please make sure that they understand that only the talking points presented on the handout are official ABATE positions.  A great way to do this is to give a copy of the handout to your legislator.

The ABATE Rider Education unit is parked on the west side of the Capitol and you are welcome to invite your Senators and Representatives to come out and see it.   

PICTURES 8:45 to 8:50am

All attendees are invited to gather on the staircase in the Rotunda to join our Legislators in a group picture.  As we will be blocking the staircase we will only have 5 minutes to gather, take the picture, and clear the stairs.  Please help us by moving towards the stairs at 8:40am. 


If you did not get to meet both your Senator and Representative during the breakfast social, you can try to call them out of session.  Simply approach the entry door of either the Senate or the House, fill out one of the slips of paper with their name and seat (there is a chart by the door), and your name.  If they are not extremely busy, they should come out and speak with you.  If they are not able to come out, at least they will know that their constituent took the time to come to the Capitol to see them.  If you would like help with this just ask at the registration table.  

Again, we encourage you to preregister and thank you for being an active participant in ABATE of Iowa’s grassroots efforts to safeguard our rights.