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ABATE stands for:  A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education.

ABATE of Iowa, Inc. works for you, the motorcycle enthusiast.

ABATE of Iowa, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization registered in the state of Iowa.

ABATE is a rights organization consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the state of Iowa.  Our goals and purposes are to keep motorcyclists, members and the public informed, to promote safe riding habits and to encourage favorable legislation for motorcyclists.  These are accomplished through a monthly newsletter, safety education programs designed to help prevent fatal and personal injury accidents, lobbying at the state legislature, and voter registration programs.

A great many restrictive laws pertaining to motorcycles and riders have been enacted by uniformed or misdirected legislative bodies.

ABATE of Iowa’s goal is to keep our legislature informed of our feelings about any legislation that we feel would be unfair or discriminatory towards motorcyclists.  Preventing unfair legislation is much easier than struggling to get an unfair law repealed.  ABATE of Iowa, Inc. also works with motorcycle rights organizations across the country to stop unfair federal legislation aimed at motorcyclists.

ABATE of Iowa, Inc. does not advocate that you ride without a helmet, but we feel that you should have the right to decide whether or not to wear one.

ABATE of Iowa, Inc. is a neutral organization that allows ALL riders to unite in brotherhood to safeguard our rights and still remain individuals with differing views.  ABATE of Iowa, Inc. feels that all motorcyclists are brothers with a common interest……riding free.

Membership Application – Mail in your application

Membership Application Online



  • Membership Card – allows for discounts at ABATE functions nationwide and at selected shops.
  • Member Patch – for new members only.
  • Year Pin – a different year pin each year.
  • Voting rights at district meetings.
  • Monthly newsletter, THE FREE WAY FLYER, to increase communication among the biking community.


  • Membership Card – allows for discounts at ABATE functions nationwide and discounts at selected shops.
  • Voting rights at district meetings.
  • An Associate Member may not hold an office in ABATE of Iowa, Inc.


  • Political power for opposing anti-motorcycle legislation and for support of programs that help, not hurt, motorcycling.
  • Participation with fellow motorcyclists in toy runs, fun runs and community service functions.


ABATE of Iowa, Inc. has formed a political action committee to raise money to help candidates who feel as we do about PERSONAL FREEDOM in the state of Iowa.

The funds donated to this committee will be used to help campaigns of the candidates whom we feel best share our views on issues such as mandatory helmet laws.

If you feel as we do, please feel free to make a donation to our PAC and we will continue our fight for your PERSONAL FREEDOM.

***PLEASE NOTE:  “Contributions or gifts to ABATE of Iowa, Inc. are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE as charitable contributions.  However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.”  Contributions or gifts to ABATEPAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or as ordinary or necessary business expense.